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Yacht Sales Australia

Located on the marina at Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Yacht Sales Australia offers a range of new and used sail and power boats. The Yacht Sales Australia team takes a professional approach to selling boats, managing the sales process from inspection to settlement. While we ultimately represent the owners’ interests, we work with buyers to ensure that all available information is provided and all questions are answered, as well as providing access to a range of reliable suppliers both before and after settlement. Our aim is to achieve the perfect outcome of satisfied owner and buyer.

The Yacht Sales Australia team often go above and beyond expectation when preparing boats for sale and settlement. We understand what motivates buyers and believe that presentation and provision of information are key. Simply compare any of our listings to other brokerages and you’ll notice the difference in the detail and completeness.

While there are similarities, selling boats is different to cars, real estate and other assets. Yacht broking requires a broad knowledge of all makes of sail and power boats, an understanding of boat construction, marine technology, maintenance, experience of all types of boating including cruising and racing in addition to advertising and sales skills. With a combined marketing/advertising knowledge of over 60 years and lifetimes on the water, there are few better qualified.

The team at Yacht Sales Australia are long term boaties with passions ranging from racing and cruising to refurbishing boats of all descriptions. We don’t differentiate between yachts and power boats, large or small, we simply love being on the water and want to help you with your boating dream.

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