Living the cruising dream is the aim of many a sailor, so why do so many dreams come unstuck?

It’s an age old tale… the ultimate dream of many a sailor, to explore remote locations, warmer climates, away from the hustle of modern life. No phones, appointments or worries, just the weather, a good book and what’s for lunch.

Whether it’s a weekend in Bantry Bay, summer in Pittwater or North for a couple of months the draw of cruising adventure calls.

Possessing a suitable, comfortable yacht is the first consideration. The next will be how to convince your partner.

Obtaining your partners buy in however, is not so easy. And given that the dream in most cases is dependant on your partner sharing, if not similarly enjoying the dream it’s obviously essential that you give your dream every chance of success.

We all know the lucky guy that’s heading North for a few months. How does he manage it?